Dear Colleagues,

It is our great honor to organize the International Conference of Obstetrics in Budapest between 6th and 8th December 2018, with renowned lecturers like Dr. Sally Pairman, Chief Executive of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM); “CNN Hero of the Year” award winner Ms. Ibu Robin Lim; and French obstetric and researcher Dr. Michel Odent.

Nowadays, like all professions, obstetric care faces a lot of challenges: changes in social expectations as well as in everyday practice or newer and newer results of research. Owing to our predecessors today it is self-evident that the father can be there at his child’s birth and every clinic and expert pay attention to the baby’s first 24-48 hours and does not separate the mother from her baby. The Skin to skin contact gained recognition worldwide and altered the old-school practice.

Midwives are facing new challenges, too; their training is transforming, and independent midwifery practice is being acknowledged by law. Meanwhile, the point is unchanged: all around the world we, midwives, are the ones on the mothers’ side while deliver their children. We do believe that we have a thing to say, and we can learn from each other and from the world-renowned specialists. Let’s be proud of our work, of our country, let’s meet and show the power of cooperation and passion for our profession!

Budapest with its central location is perfect venue for an international conference, since the easy access both from Hungary and from abroad. Let’s spend these three days together in the capital city! We hope that all participants can hear useful, new scientific details; have exciting informal conversations; and they have the opportunity to cultivate old friendships and make new ones.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Budapest in December 2018!

On behalf of the conference organizers,

Dr. Károly Pap,
Patron of the Conference


Board Members of All For Women Foundation

Members of the Hungarian Association of Midwives